Lara Croft – The Tombraider in Me

So, for today’s daily prompt, I feel more compelled to be a video game character from my youth. Back when graphics weren’t the best, my 2D version of Lara Croft on the original Playstation’s Tombraider, was heaven to me. I played for hours, solving different puzzles and learning more about history.

I’ve had a love of Indiana Jones for as long as I can remember. So, when they came out with a female version in a video game I fell in love. The movies followed of course, but nothing beats the original Lara Croft. I went on to collect various statues and things of Lara over the years, and even though I wasn’t a real fan of the Angelina Jolie version or the other new version that came out a few years ago, I hope the franchise gets reinvented properly.

But for the 90s version of Tombraider, it will always have a place in my heart of hearts.

Especially making those impossible jumps!

Stay tuned.

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