To All My Friends, (And Even Those Who May Not Like Me Too Much Right Now)


I want you to understand something. If ever, in your life, you feel that you have a “voice,” something in your mind that tells you bad things or thoughts, always remember that same “voice” can be silenced very quickly. If you are in a situation where your “voice” tells you that you’re a fuck-up, you’re horrible,  you’re fat, ugly, whatever, address this voice. Write it down, or just say it out loud.

It is no mystery that demonology and psychology are two sides of the same coin. It was known in history that people who had “demons” haunting them, in which they would need to be “exorcised,” it was because their mental health issues weren’t being addressed. Now today, we can turn around and say these things aren’t, in fact, real, but in reality, to the person who is experiencing them, they are very real.

Soldiers that go to war see the worst in the world, and the worst of humanity and the “demons” that these doctors claim aren’t real, are very real to these men and women in uniform too.

I want you to remember when people say that you can’t control your own destiny, know that you absolutely can. For purposes of my new profession, I will not describe my own experiences in detail, but coming from the darkness that I came from, I absolutely overcame my situation because I simply said, “I will no longer play the victim.” It is too easy to take a mental health diagnosis such as depression, bipolar, or anxiety and say to yourself, “well I have X,Y and Z now, so I can’t do anything, so I will just live off the government and be in the mental health system for the rest of my life.” Your mental health diagnosis has nothing to do with your ability to try, to achieve, to do things that you never thought possible in your wildest dreams. Letting the diagnosis define you makes you just want to give up and not even try.

To those who hate me, well, go on and hate me. Maybe one day we can all have lunch and have a laugh about the whole thing.

2040, might be the year for a new brown woman president.

Just saying.

Stay tuned.

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